Reina and KT, MS Challenge Walk 2003
June 20 through June 22, Reina and I participated in the 2003 MS Challenge Walk. In part to see if we could in fact walk 50 miles in three days, in part to support the MS Society and in part, as the commercial says, because we couldn't two years ago. The last four years have brought great changes to our lives. We got dogs. I was diagnosed with MS. We decided to lose weight.

Well, a combined 175 lbs lost, countless hours of training, hiking with the dogs and stubborn persistence have answered our question: we can walk 50 miles in three days. Not only that, we can do it well and still come out smiling on the other end.

The link below leads to a long slideshow that depicts our experience. It also tells the story of what will hopefully become enduring friendships with some of the folks with whom we shared this journey:

  • Christine, who paced us, kept us going, cheered us on and taught us something about compassion
  • Barbara, whose quiet humor kept us laughing and whose speed kept us going on Day Two
  • Annie and Victoria, who like us are living with MS as a constant part of their lives
As is often the case when you share an experience like this with someone, we got to be friends quickly. I truly hope that we can sustain that as each of these women taught us much.

MS Challenge Walk 2003

Both Reina and I thank our individual sponsors -- you made it possible for us to have an experience of a lifetime! THANK YOU in particular to Veterinary Information Network, California Statewide Certified Development Corporation and Common Grounds Coffee who all supported me above and beyond. When we have caught up with work and life again, you will all hear more from us.

Davis, CA
June 25, 2003